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org::joni::Matcher Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

final int getBegin ()
final Region getEagerRegion ()
final int getEnd ()
final Region getRegion ()
final int match (int at, int range, int option)
 Matcher (Regex regex, byte[]bytes, int p, int end)
 Matcher (Regex regex, byte[]bytes)
final int search (int start, int range, int option)

Protected Member Functions

abstract int matchAt (int range, int sstart, int sprev)
final void msaInit (int option, int start)
abstract void stateCheckBuffClear ()
abstract void stateCheckBuffInit (int strLength, int offset, int stateNum)

Protected Attributes

final byte[] bytes
final Encoding enc
final int end
int msaBegin
int msaBestLen
int msaBestS
int msaEnd
int msaOptions
final Region msaRegion
int msaStart
final Regex regex
final int str

Package Attributes

int high
int low

Private Member Functions

boolean backwardSearchRange (byte[]bytes, int str, int end, int s, int range, int adjrange)
boolean endBuf (int start, int range, int minSemiEnd, int maxSemiEnd)
boolean forwardSearchRange (byte[]bytes, int str, int end, int s, int range, IntHolder lowPrev)
int match (int s)
boolean matchCheck (int upperRange, int s, int prev)
int mismatch ()

Detailed Description

Definition at line 29 of file Matcher.java.

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