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org::joni::OptMapInfo Class Reference

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Package Functions

void addChar (byte c, Encoding enc)
void addCharAmb (byte[]bytes, int p, int end, Encoding enc, int caseFoldFlag)
void altMerge (OptMapInfo other, Encoding enc)
void clear ()
void copy (OptMapInfo other)
void select (OptMapInfo alt)

Static Package Functions

static int positionValue (Encoding enc, int i)

Package Attributes

final OptAnchorInfo anchor = new OptAnchorInfo()
final byte map [] = new byte[Config.CHAR_TABLE_SIZE]
final MinMaxLen mmd = new MinMaxLen()
int value

Static Package Attributes

static final short ByteValTable []

Static Private Attributes

static final int z = 1<<15

Detailed Description

Definition at line 25 of file OptMapInfo.java.

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