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Static Public Member Functions | Static Public Attributes

org::joni::Option Class Reference

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Static Public Member Functions

static boolean isCaptureGroup (int option)
static boolean isDontCaptureGroup (int option)
static boolean isDynamic (int option)
static boolean isExtend (int option)
static boolean isFindCondition (int option)
static boolean isFindLongest (int option)
static boolean isFindNotEmpty (int option)
static boolean isIgnoreCase (int option)
static boolean isMultiline (int option)
static boolean isNegateSingleline (int option)
static boolean isNotBol (int option)
static boolean isNotEol (int option)
static boolean isPosixRegion (int option)
static boolean isSingleline (int option)
static String toString (int option)

Static Public Attributes

static final int CAPTURE_GROUP = (1<<8)
static final int DEFAULT = NONE
static final int DONT_CAPTURE_GROUP = (1<<7)
static final int EXTEND = (1<<1)
static final int FIND_LONGEST = (1<<4)
static final int FIND_NOT_EMPTY = (1<<5)
static final int IGNORECASE = (1<<0)
static final int MAXBIT = (1<<12)
static final int MULTILINE = (1<<2)
static final int NEGATE_SINGLELINE = (1<<6)
static final int NONE = 0
static final int NOTBOL = (1<<9)
static final int NOTEOL = (1<<10)
static final int POSIX_REGION = (1<<11)
static final int SINGLELINE = (1<<3)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 22 of file Option.java.

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