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org::joni::Regex Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

String encStringToString (byte[]bytes, int p, int end)
Encoding getEncoding ()
int getOptions ()
Object getUserObject ()
int getUserOptions ()
Matcher matcher (byte[]bytes)
Matcher matcher (byte[]bytes, int p, int end)
Iterator< NameEntrynamedBackrefIterator ()
int nameToBackrefNumber (byte[]name, int nameP, int nameEnd, Region region)
boolean noNameGroupIsActive (Syntax syntax)
int numberOfCaptureHistories ()
int numberOfCaptures ()
int numberOfNames ()
String optimizeInfoToString ()
 Regex (byte[]bytes, int p, int end, int option, Encoding enc, WarnCallback warnings)
 Regex (byte[]bytes, int p, int end, int option, Encoding enc, Syntax syntax, WarnCallback warnings)
 Regex (byte[]bytes, int p, int end, int option, Encoding enc, Syntax syntax)
 Regex (byte[]bytes, int p, int end, int option, Encoding enc)
 Regex (byte[]bytes, int p, int end, int option, int caseFoldFlag, Encoding enc, Syntax syntax, WarnCallback warnings)
void setUserObject (Object object)
void setUserOptions (int options)

Public Attributes

final int COMPILING = -1
MatcherFactory factory
final int MODIFY = -2
final int SEARCHING = 1
WarnCallback warnings

Package Functions

void clearOptimizeInfo ()
void nameAdd (byte[]name, int nameP, int nameEnd, int backRef, Syntax syntax)
NameEntry nameFind (byte[]name, int nameP, int nameEnd)
String nameTableToString ()
NameEntry nameToGroupNumbers (byte[]name, int nameP, int nameEnd)
void renumberNameTable (int[]map)
void setExactInfo (OptExactInfo e)
void setOptimizeMapInfo (OptMapInfo m)
void setSubAnchor (OptAnchorInfo anc)
void setupBMSkipMap ()

Package Attributes

int anchor
int anchorDmax
int anchorDmin
int btMemEnd
int btMemStart
int captureHistory
final int caseFoldFlag
int[] code
int codeLength
int dMax
int dMin
final Encoding enc
byte[] exact
int exactEnd
int exactP
int[] intMap
int[] intMapBackward
byte[] map
BytesHash< NameEntrynameTable
final int NORMAL = 0
int numCall
int numCombExpCheck
int numMem
int numNullCheck
int numRepeat
int operandLength
Object[] operands
int options
int[] repeatRangeHi
int[] repeatRangeLo
SearchAlgorithm searchAlgorithm
boolean stackNeeded
int stackPopLevel
int state
int subAnchor
int thresholdLength
Object userObject
int userOptions

Detailed Description

Definition at line 37 of file Regex.java.

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