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org::joni::ScanEnvironment Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

int addMemEntry ()
void clear ()
int convertBackslashValue (int c)
 ScanEnvironment (Regex regex, Syntax syntax)
void setMemNode (int num, Node node)

Public Attributes

final Encoding enc
Node memNodes []
int numMem
final Regex reg
final Syntax syntax

Package Functions

void ccEscWarn (String s)
void closeBracketWithoutEscapeWarn (String s)

Package Attributes

int backrefedMem
int btMemEnd
int btMemStart
int captureHistory
final int caseFoldFlag
int combExpMaxRegNum
int currMaxRegNum
boolean hasRecursion
int numCall
int numCombExpCheck
int numNamed
int option
UnsetAddrList unsetAddrList

Static Private Attributes

static final int SCANENV_MEMNODES_SIZE = 8

Detailed Description

Definition at line 29 of file ScanEnvironment.java.

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