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org::joni::SearchAlgorithm::SLOW_IC Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

final String getName ()
final int search (Regex regex, byte[]text, int textP, int textEnd, int textRange)
final int searchBackward (Regex regex, byte[]text, int textP, int adjustText, int textEnd, int textStart, int s_, int range_)
 SLOW_IC (Regex regex)

Static Public Attributes

static final SearchAlgorithm BM
static final SearchAlgorithm BM_NOT_REV
static final SearchAlgorithm MAP
static final SearchAlgorithm MAP_SB
static final SearchAlgorithm NONE
static final SearchAlgorithm SLOW
static final SearchAlgorithm SLOW_IC_SB
static final SearchAlgorithm SLOW_SB

Private Member Functions

boolean lowerCaseMatch (byte[]t, int tP, int tEnd, byte[]bytes, int p, int end)

Private Attributes

final byte[] buf = new byte[Config.ENC_MBC_CASE_FOLD_MAXLEN]
final int caseFoldFlag
final Encoding enc
final IntHolder holder = new IntHolder()

Detailed Description

Definition at line 160 of file SearchAlgorithm.java.

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