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org::joni::StackMachine Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

final int getBegin ()
final Region getEagerRegion ()
final int getEnd ()
final Region getRegion ()
final int match (int at, int range, int option)
final int search (int start, int range, int option)

Public Attributes

final int ALT = 0x0001
final int CALL_FRAME = 0x0800
final int LOOK_BEHIND_NOT = 0x0002
final int MASK_MEM_END_OR_MARK = 0x8000
final int MASK_POP_USED = 0x00ff
final int MASK_TO_VOID_TARGET = 0x10ff
final int MEM_END = 0x8200
final int MEM_END_MARK = 0x8400
final int MEM_START = 0x0100
final int NULL_CHECK_END = 0x5000
final int NULL_CHECK_START = 0x3000
final int POS = 0x0500
final int POS_NOT = 0x0003
final int REPEAT = 0x0700
final int REPEAT_INC = 0x0300
final int RETURN = 0x0900
final int STATE_CHECK_MARK = 0x1000
final int STOP_BT = 0x0600
final int VOID = 0x0a00

Protected Member Functions

final StackEntry ensure1 ()
final int getMemStart (int mnum)
final int getRepeat (int id)
final void init ()
abstract int matchAt (int range, int sstart, int sprev)
final void msaInit (int option, int start)
final int nullCheck (int id, int s)
final int nullCheckMemSt (int id, int s)
final int nullCheckMemStRec (int id, int s)
final int nullCheckRec (int id, int s)
final StackEntry pop ()
final void popOne ()
final void popTilLookBehindNot ()
final void popTilPosNot ()
final int posEnd ()
final void pushAlt (int pat, int s, int prev)
final void pushAltWithStateCheck (int pat, int s, int sprev, int snum)
final void pushCallFrame (int pat)
final void pushEnsured (int type, int pat)
final void pushLookBehindNot (int pat, int s, int sprev)
final void pushMemEnd (int mnum, int s)
final void pushMemEndMark (int mnum)
final void pushMemStart (int mnum, int s)
final void pushNullCheckEnd (int cnum)
final void pushNullCheckStart (int cnum, int s)
final void pushPos (int s, int prev)
final void pushPosNot (int pat, int s, int prev)
final void pushRepeat (int id, int pat)
final void pushRepeatInc (int sindex)
final void pushReturn ()
final void pushStateCheck (int s, int snum)
final void pushStopBT ()
final void pushType (int type)
final int sreturn ()
 StackMachine (Regex regex, byte[]bytes, int p, int end)
final void stateCheckBuffClear ()
final void stateCheckBuffInit (int strLength, int offset, int stateNum)
final boolean stateCheckVal (int s, int snum)
final void stopBtEnd ()

Protected Attributes

final byte[] bytes
final Encoding enc
final int end
final int memStartStk
int msaBegin
int msaBestLen
int msaBestS
int msaEnd
int msaOptions
final Region msaRegion
int msaStart
final Regex regex
final int[] repeatStk
StackEntry[] stack
byte[] stateCheckBuff
int stk
final int str

Static Protected Attributes

static final int INVALID_INDEX = -1

Package Attributes

int high
final int INVALID_STACK_INDEX = -1
int low
final int memEndStk
int stateCheckBuffSize

Static Package Attributes

static final ThreadLocal
< WeakReference< StackEntry[]> > 

Private Member Functions

void doubleStack ()
StackEntry popDefault ()
StackEntry popFree ()
StackEntry popMemStart ()
void push (int type, int pat, int s, int prev)
void stateCheckMark ()
int stateCheckPos (int s, int snum)

Static Private Member Functions

static StackEntry[] allocateStack ()
static StackEntry[] fetchStack ()

Static Private Attributes


Detailed Description

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