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org::joni::Token Class Reference

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Package Functions

int getAnchor ()
boolean getBackrefByName ()
boolean getBackrefExistLevel ()
int getBackrefLevel ()
int getBackrefNum ()
int getBackrefRef1 ()
int[] getBackrefRefs ()
int getC ()
int getCallGNum ()
int getCallNameEnd ()
int getCallNameP ()
int getCode ()
int getPropCType ()
boolean getPropNot ()
boolean getRepeatGreedy ()
int getRepeatLower ()
boolean getRepeatPossessive ()
int getRepeatUpper ()
int getSubtype ()
void setAnchor (int anchor)
void setBackrefByName (boolean byName)
void setBackrefExistLevel (boolean existLevel)
void setBackrefLevel (int level)
void setBackrefNum (int num)
void setBackrefRef1 (int ref1)
void setBackrefRefs (int[]refs)
void setC (int c)
void setCallGNum (int gnum)
void setCallNameEnd (int nameEnd)
void setCallNameP (int nameP)
void setCode (int code)
void setPropCType (int ctype)
void setPropNot (boolean not)
void setRepeatGreedy (boolean greedy)
void setRepeatLower (int lower)
void setRepeatPossessive (boolean possessive)
void setRepeatUpper (int upper)
void setSubtype (int subtype)

Package Attributes

int backP
int base
boolean escaped
int INT2
int INT3
int INT4
int INT5
TokenType type

Private Attributes

int INT1
int[] INTA1

Detailed Description

Definition at line 24 of file Token.java.

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