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org::joni::ast::CClassNode Class Reference

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class  CCStateArg

Public Member Functions

void addAllMultiByteRange (Encoding enc)
void addCodeRange (ScanEnvironment env, int from, int to)
void addCodeRangeToBuf (int from, int to)
void addCType (int ctype, boolean not, ScanEnvironment env, IntHolder sbOut)
void addCTypeByRange (int ctype, boolean not, Encoding enc, int sbOut, int mbr[])
void and (CClassNode other, Encoding enc)
 CClassNode (int ctype, Encoding enc, boolean not, int sbOut, int[]ranges)
 CClassNode (boolean not, int sbOut, int[]ranges)
void clearNot ()
void clearNotFlag (Encoding enc)
void clearShare ()
boolean equals (Object other)
String flagsToString ()
String getAddressName ()
String getName ()
int getType ()
final int getType2Bit ()
int hashCode ()
final boolean isAllowedInLookBehind ()
boolean isCodeInCC (Encoding enc, int code)
boolean isCodeInCCLength (int encLength, int code)
boolean isEmpty ()
final boolean isInvalidQuantifier ()
boolean isNot ()
boolean isShare ()
final boolean isSimple ()
void nextStateClass (CCStateArg arg, ScanEnvironment env)
void nextStateValue (CCStateArg arg, ScanEnvironment env)
void or (CClassNode other, Encoding enc)
void setNot ()
void setShare ()
void swap (Node with)
String toString (int level)
final String toString ()
void verifyTree (Set< Node > set, WarnCallback warnings)

Public Attributes

final int ALLOWED_IN_LB
final int ALT = 9
final int ANCHOR = 7
final int BIT_ALT = 1 << ALT
final int BIT_ANCHOR = 1 << ANCHOR
final int BIT_BREF = 1 << BREF
final int BIT_CALL = 1 << CALL
final int BIT_CANY = 1 << CANY
final int BIT_CCLASS = 1 << CCLASS
final int BIT_CTYPE = 1 << CTYPE
final int BIT_ENCLOSE = 1 << ENCLOSE
final int BIT_LIST = 1 << LIST
final int BIT_QTFR = 1 << QTFR
final int BIT_STR = 1 << STR
final int BREF = 4
final BitSet bs = new BitSet()
final int CALL = 10
final int CANY = 3
final int CCLASS = 1
final int CTYPE = 2
final int ENCLOSE = 6
final int LIST = 8
CodeRangeBuffer mbuf
Node parent
final int QTFR = 5
final int SIMPLE

Protected Member Functions

Node getChild ()
void setChild (Node tgt)

Static Protected Member Functions

static String pad (Object value, int level)

Package Attributes

int flags
final int STR = 0

Private Member Functions

void setupBuffer (int[]ranges)

Private Attributes

int ctype
Encoding enc

Static Private Attributes

static final int FLAG_NCCLASS_NOT = 1<<0
static final int FLAG_NCCLASS_SHARE = 1<<1

Detailed Description

Definition at line 38 of file CClassNode.java.

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